Inclús Assosiació Associació Inclús

Inclús Association is a non-profit organization born after 4 editions of Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival, in order to continue developing the Festival's goals in a broader way and including a greater number of activities, also throughout the year.
The main project is Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival, but we also promote accessibility in movies

It is necessary to emphasize the meaning of the concepts universal accessibility and inclusion. The universal accessibility is for us the adaptation of all contents so that ALL PEOPLE can accede to them. We want to offer inclusive leisure that can benefit both people with functional diversity who feel like it, such as friends or family without disabilities, and enjoy the same content without any accessibility difficulties that prevent it.

With this aim, the Association Inclús promotes the accesibility of the audio-visual contents so that everybody can have access to them.

Inclús JoveYoung people from Inclús
is the young section of the Inclus Entityn, formed by young people between 18 and 35 years. The section works on 2 base projects: "“Inclús: Ocio Inclusivo y Accesible” and "“Inclús sensibilizamos”. It also collaborates with the accessibility of the contents of the Festival Inclús. Creation certificate
“Inclús: Ocio Inclusivo y Accesible” is born as an own project of the young section with the will to create spaces of inclusive leisure for people with disabilities throughout the year. This section has the aim of inclusion that leads us to offer the necessary resources so that people with disabilities can either become the creators of the contents or enjoy them.

On the other hand, the section will help with the accessibility of the audio-visual contents of the Inclús, International Festival of Cinema and Disability of Barcelona. In addition, also was carrying out the accessibility to other audio-visual festivals and services will offer of audiodescripción and subqualifications for other productions that ask for it in a punctual way.

Finally, the project  “Inclús sensibilizamos”. We consider the task of social awareness is very necessary in order to increase the number of events and activities where the persons with functional diversity have the opportunity to take part in an as inclusive as possible way. “Inclús sensibilizamos” is a project directed to students, teenagers and general public general by which they will know and get closer to other realities through audiovisual workshops. During the Festival parallel workshops are already realized, but it is the young section the one that wants to export these models at schools, institutes, other festivals and cultural spaces.
Finally there is an important number of old people with problems of hearing and sight that can also benefit of universal accessibility. For them we propose a series of activities in residences and day centers.